Sitting Pretty: How Cushions and Collars Aid Comfort

Cervical pain is a common problem these days. It not only hampers one’s daily lifestyle but also reduces the quality of life. The Cervical Cushion and Cervical Collar are specially scientifically designed orthopaedic tools meant to reduce pain and provide comfort to the cervical area. The Coccyx Cushion is also a wonderful orthopaedic support to add comfort to the coccyx area of the back.

Benefits Of Cervical Cushion

Cervical cushions, commonly known as orthopaedic pillows, have multiple benefits.

  • Scientific design – Cervical cushions are designed according to the natural curves of the body; hence, they provide the perfect support to the neck and cervical area.
  • Reduce muscle pain – Other cushions add more tension to the neck region, but cervical cushions provide muscle relief.
  • Sound sleep – Cervical cushions are specially designed to enhance sleep quality; they reduce neck pain after sleep.
  • Multiple uses—Cervical cushions have multiple uses besides being sleeping pillows; they can be used in different seating situations. An added benefit of cervical cushions is that they are easily portable.

Advantages Of Coccyx Cushion

Coccyx cushions, highly popular as tailbone cushions, have these advantages:

  • Pain relief Coccyx cushions are specially designed to provide comfort to the coccyx area of the body. They reduce the effects of chronic pain.
  • Posture corrector – By providing support at the coccyx area of the body, coccyx cushions indirectly help to improve body posture.
  • Comfort provider – Coccyx cushions are best for use during long seating hours. They reduce the adverse effects of prolonged sitting, such as backache and neck pain, by distributing the pressure off the tailbone and coccyx region of the body.
  • After surgery uses – After cervical, tailbone, or coccyx surgery, a coccyx cushion can be really beneficial and useful for providing the needed support and aid to the vulnerable area.

Uses Of A Cervical Collar

Cervical collar is a highly beneficial orthopaedic support and has multiple benefits during injuries.

  • Works as a neck stabiliser – After a neck injury, one of the most important things is to keep the neck stable and reduce mobility in the neck region to prevent further damage. A cervical collar helps to achieve immobilisation in the injured neck region.
  • Pain reduction – The cervical collar provides support to the neck area by reducing the pressure and strain after an injury.
  • Speedy recovery – Cervical collar is used as a supportive instrument in the recovery journey to speed up the recovery by providing support to the neck area to heal faster and to add extra protection to reduce chances of more damage.
  • Better posture – A cervical collar can also benefit by providing spine alignment for better posture.

Cervical cushions, cervical collars, and coccyx cushions are highly beneficial orthopaedic support instruments to use. But when it comes to orthopaedic instruments, always opt for the best and most trustworthy brand like Vissco Next. There is a wide range of cervical cushions, cervical collars, and coccyx cushions made with the best quality bacteria-free, durable scientifically designed, skin-friendly materials on the Vissconext website. Go check it out!

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